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What does Owl 52 Press do and why should you give a hoot?

About The Author
After a multi-faceted career in in the magazine publishing business, Richard Lemon found time to write 8 novels, two books of memoirs and 23 books of marvelously whimsical children's stories and poems (written initially for grandchildren). Now retired, he has established Owl 52 Press to publish his works. A bakers dozen of Richard Lemon's children's books are now available from Amazon.com and can be purchased online. For descriptions of the books and more purchase information, click the titles below.

An audio reading on CD of several of these books indicated by *CD under the title is available for $7 by e-mailing owl52press.com.

When you were a child, could you imagine...


The Ostrich Who Would Not Hide Her Head,

100 Million Wombats

The City of New York


Owls and Crows and The Mud Birds


The Man Who Named Muffins

The Last Cloud

Jonathan's Rainbow

The Bear and the Sky

Whenever Millie Speaks to Me

The Donkey Who Had a Lovely Voice

For readers of more mature tastes, two novels, two novellas and two memoirs by Lemon are now available as well.

Bliss in Space
(A Novel)

Leftover Bliss
(A Novel)

Stride Piano
With Vocal

(A Novella)

With Nothing But a
Fine Tooth Comb
(A Novella)

Pilgrim Love

(An Adult Memoir)

We Go Down
to the City

(A Childhood Memoir)

The Artists

To those
without whom...