The Donkey Who Had a Lovely Voice

"The donkey brays as we all know,
A harsh sound filled with wail and woe
And nobody expects a bray
to come out any other way.

But here's a thing you'll learn in school:
Exceptions often prove the rule.
So come with me, friends, if you please,
And meet the donkey Heloise."


The Donkey Who Had a Lovely Voice, Heloise, alone among all donkeys everywhere, has a beautiful voice and can perform anything. One day a farmer hears her singing in the field and urges her to go on tour. Heloise agrees and, after some initial scorn, becomes an international sensation, gorgeously singing everything from "Michael Row the Boat Ashore" to "La Marseilles" from Hackensack to Zanzibar. Then one night she has a performing disaster. This poem is about what she does thereafter.

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