Pilgrim Love Songs - A memoir by Richard Lemon
(Including the full-length childhood memoir
"We Go Down to the City Tomorrow")

"Pilgrim Love Songs is the adult memoir of Richard Lemon and his musings on some of his favorite subjects. He has had two simultaneous careers: Magazines, as writer/editor for The New Yorker, Newsweek, The Saturday Evening Post, The N.Y. Daily News Magazine (Editor), People and Entertainment Weekly; and local politics, as the first Democrat elected to the Bedford, N.Y., Town Board in the 20th Century in 1970 and a member of other Bedford Town Boards for 38 years all told. He also loves pop music, dancing the Charleston, charades, preserving open space, riding horses in the west, especially Wyoming, and traveling, especially to Tuscany and Anguilla. To purchase a copy from Amazon, click here.